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An underage driver slammed into my car while I was driving home from work. The accident damaged my car severely. I called up AIHL as I was confused about filing a compensation claim or not. Thanks to AIHL, I was able to retrieve my rightful compensation and pay off the repair bills which would have strained me financially otherwise.  
Walton B.

Accident Repairs and Replacement Vehicles

With AIHL you can find the right kind of accident damage repair services at just the right prices. We offer services for both private and fleet customers. We provide you with repair works for your vehicle via your insurance company. with AIHL you also get a exclusive replacement car for the duration your car is undergoing the repairs. If you want we can collect your car from your home or your workplace, whatever you prefer.

We Provide Guaranteed Services

We strive for customer satisfaction. For this reason we repair your vehicle under the care of expert technicians, renowned in their fields. We now have a very strong client base for AIHL. Our clients know us for who we are and what level of customer satisfaction we offer.

We keep all our clients abreast of the repair works on their vehicles via telephone, SMS, mobile phones or emails.