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An underage driver slammed into my car while I was driving home from work. The accident damaged my car severely. I called up AIHL as I was confused about filing a compensation claim or not. Thanks to AIHL, I was able to retrieve my rightful compensation and pay off the repair bills which would have strained me financially otherwise.  
Walton B.

Road Traffic Accident

Have you been hurt in a road traffic accident that occurred due to someone else’s fault?

If yes, then you might be entitled to your road traffic accident compensation.

Annually about thousands of people suffer from RTA, Road Traffic Accident and become its victim in the UK. In many cases it’s not even their own fault and they have to suffer physically or financially. No matter whom they are, pedestrians, drivers, passengers, cyclist or motor cyclist they deserve their rightful compensation for RTA.

We provide you with experienced solicitors for all types of RTA cases at Accident Injury HelpLine. If you win your case with us, you receive your rightful compensation by a third party insurance company. road traffic accident cases are very complex and so are the categories of injuries suffered by the victim. A very common injury is known as a whiplash injury which refers to the sudden movement of the head due to an impact. This can trigger neck sprains too. At AIHL we specialize in helping you get your rightful compensation for whiplash claims. Also we have expert solicitors who will provide you with help in all kinds of complex RTA cases including hit and run, uninsured drivers etc.

Need help while your car is at the workshop?

For all RTA clients at AIHL, we have an exclusive car replacement service. We provide you with alternative vehicle if you car has crashed in an accident. We care for you and we know you simply cannot go without your car while it’s being repaired. AIHL offers you a car replacement unless you get your’s back.

At AIHL we offer you a No Win No Fee policy. This makes us your ideal choice for all types of road traffic accident compensation claims. You don’t have to pay us a single penny if you don’t win your case.  Even when you win your case, you get to keep your entire compensation amount. We offer very reliable services without any hidden charges involved. AIHL has a credible record of providing the best RTA claims compensation services based in UK.

Get professional advice right away if you have been a victim of any kind of road traffic accident. There is only limited time in which all important evidences can be gathered and a claim might be filed. Act right away! AIHL will provide you with expert solutions so that you can get your rightful compensation with a very quick and simple claim procedure.

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